Friday, April 30, 2010

Illustration final 1 of 3

Yeah, the quality sucks (for now)

For this one I'm working with graphite, HB, B, 2B, 3B
and the board 20x30 (16tallx26wide)

My final is another series of concept art for a fantasy world I cooked up. These guys are called the Kadris, lost souls of flora and fauna that is twisted and deformed by the powers of a god (the dark addict) gone completely mad. The Kadris is not only a weapon but the very nature of the addict in general, his power consumes what cannot fight it and makes him stronger. This Kadris swarm is invading countries in opposition to their master, killing and infecting whatever they encounter. The foreground is filled with stragglers off the side of the army to show texture and the silhouettes make up the horde.
The texture on the monsters is the same for the large growths on the soil because its one in the same, the Kadris infects everything it touches the same way.

The twisting beam of energy is the sun of the world, shared by the powers of two gods. When these gods wrestle for dominance, there's an unbalance of power as the sun lashes violently back and forth between the gods. This bending of sun causes storms, and occasionally burns large segments of the world, disintegrating whatever may dwell to close to the core.