Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life and Sketches

Been trying to tone down on detail lately. Tim, wants me to let parts of the face/figure be drawn a bit looser than what I usually push for. Its a bit of a trip up for me mainly because I don't feel confident in where or how I should be abstracting the subject with my charcoal just yet, but I have my hopes up. Also, more work for Illustration 4, mainly sketches for a young-adult fantasy novel of a squire who steals the sword and armor of his master to do battle with the servants of a twisted god, trying to free him from an ancient crystal. The painted final will be up next week.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Study and Illustration 4

Haven't updated in a bit so here's the recent work for Tim, I've been really sick of drawing self-portraits. I felt it was best to understand my face more over a long stretch time but since I'm back in the swing of search, I'll be knocking down roomates next. Stayed tuned.

Last week was the first batch of illustrations for our Nate Walker's Illustration 4. This week, we illustrated lines from Shel Silverstein's "If I was one inch tall" and then shrunk the composition down to 1 inch. I chose a little guy avoiding giant shoes. There were some issues with the character's dimension and position to the shoe but overall I'm happy with the comp and the rendering.